ALUNA® awards and distinctions

AFNOR C.E.I.P. Certificate NORME NF P90-309 + A1

The highest quality standards in ALUNA®. Customers' trust obliges, that's why ALUNA® is constantly modernizing its design and technical office, production plant, has very modern production lines, multi-stage ALUNA® TQM (Total Quality Management) production process control system and constantly invests in acquiring and implementing state-of-the-art technologies. For almost 17 years, ALUNA® has been constantly enriching and developing its range of products to obtain the highest level of quality, technology and design of offered solutions in line with the latest market trends and the highest environmental standards. In practice, however, the final level of quality is always the level of customer satisfaction. It is for their safety, as the only manufacturer in Poland and one of the few manufacturers of pool roofing in Europe, we confirm the quality of our products with the AFNOR C.E.I.P. Certificate. NORME NF P90-309 + A1 confirming the same position of the leader on the market of canopies producers in Europe. For our customers, the AFNOR C.E.I.P. certificate NORME NF P90-309 + A1 one of the most elite certification in our industry is primarily the highest safety, durability of installed products and properly selected safe technology where the key element is the quality of raw materials from which canopies are produced. We employ people with very high professional qualifications who with their knowledge and experience guarantee very good product and service performance in accordance with the introduced ALUNA® TQM quality control system is a 10-year product warranty in the ALUNA® Pro collection.

MUST HAVE 2017 on Łódź Design Festival

Must Have is a project that consists of a plebiscite and an exhibition organized during the biggest feast of design in Poland. As part of the plebiscite, the Board of Experts, consisting of representatives of the media and important design centers, makes a subjective indication of the most interesting and deserving items, reflecting current trends in Polish design! This year's edition of the competition will be attended by the ALUNA® product from the ALUNA® NEO Light R1 collection of low roofs. The system works on only one guide. The ALUNA® NEO Light R1 System one-way roofing is made entirely of the ALUNA® AIR XXL System's increased rigidity profile. This is the latest concept of a low pool roofing with a unique shape, extremely durable and resistant to weather conditions. In the opinion of many designers and architects, up to now there was no modern alternative for half-canopy roofs on the market. It is a product that will satisfy the tastes of every demanding customer. These are carefully selected components that form a uniformly design style. Contemporary trends in construction and architecture indicate that investors are looking for minimal, functional, useful and timeless design solutions.


Ministry of Economy - Recognition for contribution to the development of Polish entrepreneurship

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Polish transformation, in recognition of the active promotion of the idea and entrepreneurial spirit in the local environment as well as for the commitment and contribution to the development of the Polish economy. On August 25, 2014, the company ALUNA® received from the hands of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Janusz Piechociński an extraordinary thank you. The distinction was personally received by the President of the ALUNA® company Artur Nowak, "It is an important day for me and for my company and all ALUNA®-forming colleagues. At such times, I do not remember the many hours of briefings, time spent on research or the first failures in the research and development studio. I have it now invented in Poland and designed here in 100%, implemented for production in our factory in Bytkowo near Poznan, an excellent complete extremely professional, recognized quality system of our aluminum profiles. From this system, products of roofs and aluminum constructions are created, unique in Europe, perfectly competing on global markets. The fact that as much as 80% of our production is the most evident export. Such an award further strengthens my conviction that the path I have chosen for my company, i.e. quality, technology and design, as well as individual solutions, is the way we will continue. We change our lives to what we want. "


Certificate and Golden Statuette - Fair Play Company

We were awarded by the Presidium of the Wielkopolska Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the Certificate and the Golden Statuette - Fair Play Company. A clear and transparent way of doing business by ALUNA® and the highest level of ethics makes us an attractive partner for both companies and individual clients. We are honored with this distinction that our efforts regarding the quality of service and the manner of conducting customer relations have been appreciated. We create ALUNA® products with passion and full commitment. Our mission is to make customers able to enjoy failure-free, solid roofs, presenting design at the highest world level. Customer satisfaction is our priority, which is why we constantly improve our employees and improve technology to expand our range of products. We value good relations with clients, partners, suppliers, and all who are in our environment, because only by trusting each other and conducting open relationships based on the principles of partnership are we able to achieve success together. Such an award is invaluable because we still want to create values ​​and principles of fair play and always be helpful to our clients. To ensure the best organization of work and to maintain the highest quality of not only products, but also services, we have introduced to our company a comprehensive quality management program, i.e. ALUNA® TQM System. It is an approach to managing the organization in which every aspect of the activity is carried out with a pro-quality approach. The main goal of ALUNA® TQM System is to achieve long-term success, which is the source of customer satisfaction, which is the most important element of TQM and benefits for the organization. The strength of the ALUNA® TQM System is continuous development, search for innovation and dialogue of the entire ALUNA® team.

Statuette and Certificate Hipolita Cegielski

Towarzystwo im. Hipolita Cegielski, newspaper Głos Wielkopolski, TVP S.A. The branch in Poznań and Radio Mercury awarded ALUNA® the "HIPOLITA" statuette for the European Pool Roofing System. ALUNA® is a recognized and respected European producer of pool roofing. Pioneer on the Polish market of similar products and a company that is a role model for other organizations. ALUNA® products meet the most stringent technological and strength criteria. The patented ALUNA® Construction System aluminum profile system gives you the confidence to manufacture structures with the highest strength and quality parameters. The structures form, depending on the needs, ALUNA® AIR Construction profiles or reinforced ALUNA® AIR XXL Construction. These are one of the most modern profile systems in the world, designed by our Polish designers. We are sure that the received distinction will be for us a driving force for further development. Dreams come true…!


The product is nominated for the MTP Gold Medal - for the telescopic roofing ALUNA® Delta

The ALUNA® company received the prestigious MTP Gold Medal at the Poznań International Fair Budma 2007 for the telescopic roofing for the ALUNA® Delta pool. Telescopic pool roofing ALUNA® Delta is a very original, asymmetrical structure that combines aesthetics and functionality. This model consists of a high, almost vertical wall and arches, providing greater stability and ease of cleaning. Thanks to the use of a straight wall and bent plate technology on one side, we have obtained a larger usable space, under which you can move freely and with higher aesthetics and a more modern, light design. High ergonomics of the product, resistance to loads and unfavorable weather conditions such as rain, wind and snow, allow free use of the pool with the segments closed even in the winter.



Certificate of quality - "Best in Poland", "The best in Poland"

The prize and distinction for ALUNA® in the consumer quality competition of the products have been obtained by telescopic pool roofing. The award granted by the Towarzystwo im. Hipolita Cegielski, Głos Wielkopolski, TVP3 Poznań and Radio Merkury is a special distinction for us and gives our company an even greater boost of energy for the development of the aluminum profile system, the offered canopies, the development of the design and technical office and the production system. Awards of the Society's Chapter Hipolita Cegielski are at the forefront of the most prestigious awards in Poland. Applicants, scientists, people of culture and opinion-forming circles apply for them. Medals, statuettes and certificates awarded by the Society's Chapter are the seal of quality and reliability of the winners. We are particularly pleased that our company is in this respectable circle.

MTP Gold Medal - for the telescopic roofing of the ALUNA® Opera 

We are pleased to announce that at the Poznań International Fair Budma 2007, we received the Gold Medal for the telescopic roofing of the ALUNA® Opera swimming pool. We received the award from the hands of the Chairman of the Competition Jury. dr hab., Eng. Józef Jasiczak, prof. Associate. PP. We feel proud today and we get amazing confidence in our products. It also proves that ALUNA® products are characterized by modern technological solutions and present the highest world quality level. We create technology and set market trends, constantly seeking innovative solutions. Thanks to international experience and knowledge exchange between companies, our products are at the highest world level. Standard is not enough for us. We are developing for our clients, even the most demanding ones, to be able to fulfill their dreams. We follow their comments and needs, because in the end we are created for them. The young team of ALUNA® designers is not afraid of even the most difficult challenges. We are courageous and ready to face any task. Through the dialogue with the client, we implement and create for him an individual set of benefits based on design thinking. We give 200% of ourselves so that the customer is satisfied.


Award and distinction in the competition for "Blue Delfin" at AQUABUD 2005

The ALUNA® company received the prestigious "Blue Dolphin" award at the AQUABUD fair - Fair of Swimming Pool, Sanitary and Recreation Technique and for the telescopic roofing of the ALUNA® Eco basin, the first roofless roofing in Europe. The award was presented to us by the President of the Board of the International Gdańsk Fair S. Andrzej Spiker. It is a special moment for us because we have been rewarded with the efforts of our entire company to create innovative and modern products on the European and global scale. When we created this product, we had a new trend that we have noticed in the pool roofing market, i.e. the desire to buy roofs that customers are deprived of guideways, so they do not have the space around the pool and the aesthetics and safety of the swimming pool area increases significantly. It is also a safer solution and gives greater comfort from using the pool and roofing. Today, it is the most-bought roof for our customers and a product that is still innovative after so many years. In the pool roofing market, there are still no such solutions, and after 11 years we can confidently say we are the pioneers of this type of solutions without guides. Soon another ALUNA® model from the Professional collection, which will surprise the market as it once did, the ALUNA® Eco canopy is a glass roof without automatic guide. It's worth being always three steps ahead of the competition!



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