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Thousands of satisfied users in 25 countries of Europe! ALUNA® International Trade and Development Group is a polish leader manufacturing telescopic swimming pool roofs. Looking for continuous innovative solutions we create technology and promote market trends. Thanks to international experience and exchange of know-how among companies, our products keep the highest top quality level. Standard is not enough for us. We have been growing up for our clients, also for the most demanding ones, to make their dreams come true. We take their remarks and needs into account since we are made for them. Young team of ALUNA® designers is not afraid of the toughest challenges. We are brave and ready to face any task. Through the dialog with a client we perform and offer an individual set of advantages for them based on design thinking. We do 200% to satisfy the client. Clear and transparent way in which the business is run makes us an attractive partner for companies and the clients as well. Thinking of architects, designers and persons operating in the construction industry, we have established a special platform ALUNA® B2B Designers Platform thanks to which we may create great joint designs. Tough and reliable solutions based on the top design and quality, confirmed by numerous prizes and medals, own technologies of profiles and guide rail systems - this what ALUNA® is.

Our manufacture is located in Bytkowo near Poznań and we have a great access to the western Europe through Warsaw-Berlin highway. We adjust the transport for each client in order to provide and to assemble our products for everybody, who dreams about a roof adjusted to their individual needs.




We create ALUNA® products thinking of you and your loved ones. Our mission is to provide you with a reliable, solid roofs characterized by a top class design. Satisfaction of clients is of utmost importance for us, therefore, we train our employees continuously and improve our technology to extend the range of products we offer. We appreciate good relations with clients, partners, suppliers and all of those, who surround us, since mutual trust and open relations based on partnership enable us to achieve a full success.



In order to ensure the best organization of work and to keep the highest quality not only of products but also of services, we have implemented in our company a complex quality management system which is ALUNA® TQM System. It is an approach to the organization management which ensures that every aspect of our business is carried out on the basis of the quality perspective. Main purpose of the ALUNA® TQM System is to achieve a long-lasting success, source of which is client’s satisfaction, who in turn is the most substantial element of the TQM and benefits for the organization. An advantage of the ALUNA® TQM System is continuous development, needs for innovations and the dialog of the entire ALUNA® team.



For ALUNA® design is not only an argument while negotiating with a client. It is a philosophy which we consider our key to success. Design is not only a magic marketing word but real advantages reflected in form of functionality, safety of use, unique form and use of the best materials and production systems. We carefully observe and analyze world trends. After adding a dose of creativity and artistic view, as well as know-how and craft skills of our assemblers, we manufacture a perfect product. Objective of the ALUNA® Design Thinking Team is the creation and implementation of innovative solutions in form of new products, innovative technologies and best quality services. We give you a guarantee of non-standard solutions.



Innovations do not give birth to themselves. To develop them one needs time, good organization and talented people. Thinking about clients we established Research & Development Studio ALUNA®, where we look for new, improved solutions. There we convert dreams into a reality. We accurately analyze all suggestions and ideas of clients in a specially prepared laboratory of ALUNA® products, where we convert experience acquired during work with our clients into innovations and practical solutions. To keep technological advantage over competitors we have invested into a modern machine park, cooperating with best suppliers and manufacturers only.



20 years of existence in the market, numerous prizes and honors do not let us rest on laurels, hence, we keep our tempo and believe that the greatest success is still waiting for us. We face more and more serious challenges which we complete step by step. Taking care of constant development of the company we have implemented new designing solutions.



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1. Talk to the consultant

Custom-made solution

2. Design support

Custom order parameters.

3. Transport by ALUNA®

Certified transport.
Delivery to the installation site.

4. Certified assembly

Certified assembly by ALUNA® employees, through cleaning.