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This is one of the most popular tall ALUNA® models. It was created to provide the largest usable space that can be obtained along all four edges of the pool.






ALUNA® Opera XXL is an extremely functional swimming pool roofing or many connected or separated swimming pools and recreational attractions, which ideally diverge wherever the investor wants to offer its offer an attractive attraction for using the set during inclement weather. It covers the existing architecture, adding to its modern character. ALUNA® Opera XXL roofing for a telescopic sliding roofing system, which can be extended and surface in several variants.

This is one of the most popular tall ALUNA® models. It was developed to provide the largest usable space that can be taken along all four edges of the pool. This model was created to provide access to usable space that can be downloaded along all four edges of the pool. Large facilities, in services or SPA, are included.

ALUNA® Opera XXL creates a spacious room where you can relax, have fun or have a good time with friends, even on cloudy days, without the need to hide at home. Roofing for a high-powered swimming pool with a stronger structure.

Thanks to this roof, every bath will become a pleasant and unforgettable experience. ALUNA® Opera has been awarded the Gold Medal of the Poznań International Fair BUDMA 2007.

A roofed swimming pool is a chance to create an additional offer for hotels and resorts and to create additional attractions for its guests. This model is a great tool for working with the client and offering him an additional animation and activity offer. Ergonomic and stable construction made of reinforced ALUNA® AIR XXL System profile ensures safety against wind, rain and other adverse atmospheric phenomena. Thanks to the delicate arches, ALUNA® Opera XXL perfectly transfers wind loads. Having a roofed Aquapark or a single swimming pool is an additional advantage, which is increasingly being taken into account by relaxing customers. Choose a proven solution dedicated to hotels, Aquaparks and SPA centers. The ALUNA® Opera XXL system has many different options, configurations and a lot of useful accessories, which additionally increase the functionality of the entire facility. Difficult and complicated large-scale architectural constructions for the public and HoReCa segment require a proven partner for whom challenges are the driving force of their own development. Thanks to the experience we have gained over 18 years of existence on the Polish and international market, we have knowledge that allows us to create seemingly impossible things. Individual approach to each client, a non-standard look at the problems occurring and the unique potential of the company mean that ALUNA® is always a step ahead. If you have the dream of a timeless large-scale design at an excellent price and quality, this solution is for you!

Large pool roofing are completely different products than small pool roofing. Such roofing requires technology proven over the years, the highest quality certification of the components used in their production and a partner who is prepared in terms of content and organization for such investments. We offer you turnkey ALUNA® Opera XXL large roofing tested in operation in many locations with the highest parameters of snow and wind resistance, adapted to the nature of the object and the business conducted in it. We have many years of experience in conducting such investments and a ready design and technical team to accomplish any investor's task.



Technical parameters of the pool roofing - model ALUNA® OPERA - XXL2

roof width: from 7.25 m to 8.00 m
length of the roof: from 6.54 m to 19.70 m
roof height: from 2.53 m to 3.15 m



ALUNA® is a leading and recognized European producer of pool roofing.

ALUNA® pool roofs are chosen by people who value quality, design, comfort and safety for many years of use.
10-year manufacturer's warranty.


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