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The latest product in the ALUNA® catalog is NEO Light R1 model which is an interesting alternative for clients looking for a cheaper swimming pool roof.





By means of one-guide sliding system ALUNA® R1 we can propose a better price and simultaneously, keep the best performance level. Reinforced structure ALUNA® XXL Construction and filled with solid polycarbonate at the entire cover ensures modern and elegant look. Because of small height of the roof it is not possible to swim when segments are closed.

ALUNA® NEO Light R1 is characterized by the highest quality known from premium class products and modern design at a very attractive price.



Technical parameters of the pool roofing - model ALUNA® NEO Light R1

roof width: from 3.00 m to 5.00 m
length of the roof: from 6.46m to 17.10m
height of the roof: from 0.67m to 1.42m


Snow loads on pool roofs - examples of ALUNA® models Norm PN-EN 1993
ALUNA® NEO Light R1 profile ALUNA® AIR XXL R1 System with solid 3mm fill:
number of segments: 4
max width: 3.75m
with a strength of: 80 kg / m2 


ALUNA® is a leading and recognized European producer of pool roofing.

ALUNA® pool roofs are chosen by people who value quality, design, comfort and safety for many years of use.
10-year manufacturer's warranty.

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