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ALUNA® Aluwall Terrace Roofing combines comfort and reduced energy consumption with long-term reliability and durability. ALUNA® Aluwall is a terrace roof that will perfectly suit the terraces/patios located along the building or the wall. It perfectly fits into the existing architecture, making its appearance more modern. The upper ALUNA® Aluwall roof guide is attached directly to the wall of the building, making the roof an ideal cover for the terrace or pool. The use of this type of roofing increases the usable space of the home, giving an extra room that blends with the surroundings and promotes relaxation and freedom from daily worries. This model is perfect for restaurants, SPAs or hotels. Ergonomic and stable construction provides protection against wind, rain and other inclement weather conditions. Thanks to the sleek, light arches, ALUNA® Aluwall looks elegant and aesthetic.


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Certified assembly by ALUNA® employees, through cleaning.