ALUNA® damping mat


A solid base for years! And investment security guaranteed!


The foundation for the guides is the key and most exploited element of your pool, therefore it should be reliably made using proven and solid materials.

Take care of comfortable and quiet running of the roofing segments. Choose the ALUNA® damping mat - a specialized product for foundations for guides, perfect for many years.

The high flexibility of the ALUNA® mat and its wide application guarantee quick and even distribution on the foundations for the guides of the soundproofing and leveling element, which in turn provides exceptional comfort and convenience for users, and the technical properties of the product ensure reliable and durable operation of the roof.

A solution dedicated only to the ALUNA® guide system.

Compatible systems:
ALUNA® AIR2 System, ALUNA® AIR XXL System, ALUNA® AIR R1 System and ALUNA® AIR XXL R1 System


  • the effect of silent running of segments for many years,
  • tightly wraps the guides,
  • completely dampens the work of the running system,
  • perfectly damps vibrations,
  • the use of this mat prevents sand from grinding when the roof is moved,
  • ensures comfort of leveling unevenness after making the foundation,
  • ensures the leveling of the foundation surface for the guides.

What is an exclusive addition to others is standard for us!
Enjoy the silence and feel the comfort for years!

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