ALUNA® Technology


System of telescopic swimming pool roofs is ALUNA® independent design. Already during the time of designing the production process has been adjusted to such technologies and materials, which ensure best strength, functionality and aesthetics of products. Hence, without a need to increase costs the best version of a roof is a standard version.




We offer full support of the ALUNA® Design & Technical Department to adjust a design to needs of an Investor. By means of consultations we will optimize a structure in such a way to match a space and garden design.




Accurate measurements of place intended for ALUNA® structure are very important for us. Sometimes this simple task may turn out to be more complicated, hence, we can provide measurement service at a site. This is also a perfect occasion to consult design and assembly experts.


ALUNA® gives 10 year guarantee on aluminium construction and 5 year guarantee on assembly of roofs by ALUNA® and 3 year warranty on painting. The polycarbonate is covered by a manufacturer’s 10 year guarantee.

Every original ALUNA® roof has its own unique serial number and an ALUNA® authenticity certificate.




Own ALUNA® guides - the best strength and quality of finishing. By means of profiles covering all of the assembly elements we offer an elegant and aesthetic product. Our every guide is equipped with ALUNA® Children Safe Protection System, which ensures safety of bare feet and comfortable use.

We offer two types of guides: standard ALUNA® AIR System and the one applied in case of larger and reinforced structures - ALUNA® AIR XXL System.




We have own means of transport and qualified certified assembly teams. Hence, we are able to deliver and to erect ordered product in the area of the entire Europe.


To provide better insulation protecting from cold and wind two effective sealing systems are applied. In the lower sections of the front walls there are fastened properly adjusted thermoplastic material strips preventing from the heat loss. Similar material seals a space between segments. Besides, we apply special brushes in door sections, which additionally seal the structure and prevent from dust and dirt accumulation.




ALUNA® sliding system is designed in such a way to enable everybody to open or to close a swimming pool quickly and effortlessly. Guides are adjusted to particular model and length of a roof. In the ALUNA® Construction Systems there is applied an innovative system of special rolling tandems characterized by high standard and great load capacity attributes. This affects accuracy and smoothness of segment sliding. Every car is equipped with two rolling tandems with integrated anti-wind system.




With our patented ALUNA® Construction System aluminum profiles, manufactured only in the best European smelters on special orders for ALUNA®, the ALUNA® TQM Quality System guarantees the highest reliability and durability of our products. Our high-standard copyright design of ALUNA® movable system is the hallmark of ALUNA® products on the roof market. Double-tandem driving systems in each trolley with integrated wind-prevention system allow for precise and lightweight moving of segments, even after many years of use.




In order to take full advantage of warm water in the swimming pool as long as it is possible we provide a few infills:

- transparent polycarbonate cellular sheet 10 mm with UV filter,

- colorful solid polycarbonate with UV filter (a few colors available per request),

- transparent solid polycarbonate 3 mm or 4 mm with UV filter,

- safe glass 44.2.

Every option is erected on the basis of individual needs of a client, specificity of location and selected solution.




High standard of ALUNA® structure is a result of details of the entire system. All elements are manufactured by specialized companies per request (sections plastic plugs, brushes, sealing strips, bearing castors). Metal elements are made from noble steel which guarantees resistance to aggressive environmental factors and increased humidity. Area of the sections is finished by means of RAL colors, TIGER structural paint, TIGER metallic or coated by wood imitation VIV DECORAL.




Structures are made of depending on needs ALUNA® AIR Construction or reinforced ALUNA® XXL Construction sections. These are one of the most modern systems of sections in the world, designed by our designers.

Segments, which our roofs are made of, usually are 2.18 or 2.50 m long. If this is required by a design, they can be prepared at individual length adjusted to needs. Every segment slides individually on its guide. To ensure comfort of users we can extend guides in such a way to let the structure stay entirely beyond the swimming pool.

ALUNA® System profiles were designed in such a way to prevent them from bending and deformation. Every roof is normally equipped with single sliding or adjustable door mounted in the largest segment of the roof or in a front wall.



In our roofing, we use 6060 and 6063 aluminum alloys.

The rollers used in the ALUNA® AIR System and ALUNA® AIR XXL guide systems are made of polyamide PA6, while the ALUNA® Easy draw system is made of high quality TPE rubber thermoplastic elastomer wheels.

We use stainless steel type A2 bolts to join components.

Drive systems in segments consist of two trolleys, each with two modules fitted with two wheels or rollers. The whole drive system of the segment consists of eight rollers or wheels.

In sliding door systems, shorter modules are used, consisting of one roller. Each sliding door is equipped with four such modules which is four rollers in total.

The surface of the profiles is finished with TIGER structural paint with a coating thickness of 60-80 μm.

The guides are assembled with 8 x 60 and 80 x 100 quick-fixing pins and chemically bonded anchors made of M8 rod.




ALUNA® roofings from the Premium + collection are made in accordance with the global quality standard ALUNA® TQM Quality System and in accordance with the strictest French certificate regarding the safety and durability of the AFNOR C.E.I.P. NORME NF P90-309 + AL.



ALUNA® is a renowned, well-established European manufacturer. ALUNA® products meet the strictest technological and strength requirements. Our patented, proprietary aluminium profile system, i.e. ALUNA® Construction System, guarantees the highest strength and quality parameters of the finished structure.

Among ALUNA® roofing products, you can find the most durable swimming pool enclosures, such as:


ALUNA® Exclusive Line*4,00/12,79/0,83 ALUNA® XXL AIR profile with solid fill 3mm:
tensile strength 100kg/m2

ALUNA® Seniore*4,00/12,86/1,96 ALUNA® AIR profile with solid fill 3mm:
tensile strength 120kg/m2

ALUNA® Opera*4,00/12,86/2,43 ALUNA® AIR profile with solid fill 3mm:
tensile strength 150kg/m2

ALUNA® Atlanta* 4,00/12,86/1,14 ALUNA® AIR profile with solid fill 3mm:
tensile strength 180kg/m2

ALUNA® Classic* 4,00/12,86/1,72 ALUNA® AIR profile with solid fill 3mm:
tensile strength 200kg/m2 


*reference models


1. Talk to the consultant

Custom-made solution

2. Design support

Custom order parameters.

3. Transport by ALUNA®

Certified transport.
Delivery to the installation site.

4. Certified assembly

Certified assembly by ALUNA® employees, through cleaning.