1. Payments to the Internet store are made:

    1. By transfer to the Seller's bank account - the Buyers themselves log in to their Internet bank account. By using this form of payment, the Buyer does not incur any additional costs (unless such costs are provided by the Buyer's bank).

    2. By COD - according to the Buyer's choice.

  2. The date of payment shall be the date of crediting the Seller’s bank account. The Buyer shall pay the final price, which includes in the purchase price of the goods the shipping costs and other costs of services related to the goods purchased by the Buyer that were indicated when placing the order.

1. Talk to the consultant

Custom-made solution

2. Design support

Custom order parameters.

3. Transport by ALUNA®

Certified transport.
Delivery to the installation site.

4. Certified assembly

Certified assembly by ALUNA® employees, through cleaning.