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ALUNA® Nexto Glass

New ALUNA® 2019 - coming soon

For over 17 years, ALUNA® has been synonymous with evolution, product quality and sophisticated technology in the world of pool and garden roofs. ALUNA® is a symbol of innovation and development according to recognized industry specialists and a company deciding to offer its clients an extraordinary, prestigious and exclusive offer.

From the first uncomplicated construction through advanced large-scale technologies used in the designing of ALUNA® Aquapark, the company continues to create safe, functional and extremely durable products that help us deliver our customers' joy for many years. This means that we once decided to do something that we believe in today and we want to develop further.

In 2019, we give our clients additional freedom of choice. Observing the development of the market and increasing quality requirements of customers, we offer our customers ALUNA® Nexto Glass glass roofs entirely made in safety glass based on our 17 years of tradition and experience.

What somebody is shocking today is becoming a standard after many years.

If you want to have global innovation in your garden, you want to buy a pool roofing in glass and become one of the first 10 owners of this innovative product in the world, write to us


1. Talk to the consultant

Custom-made solution

2. Design support

Custom order parameters.

3. Transport by ALUNA®

Certified transport.
Delivery to the installation site.

4. Certified assembly

Certified assembly by ALUNA® employees, through cleaning.