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Telescopic roof of the swimming pool ALUNA® Delta is an original, asymmetric structure, which combines aesthetics and functionality




This model comprises tall, nearly vertical wall and archs which ensure better stability and simple cleaning. By means of one vertical wall and a slab bending technology we managed to obtain larger usable space, where one can move freely as well as better aesthetics of materials and more modern, light design.

ALUNA® Delta is the most advantageous solution when considering dimensions and functionality ratio. Great ergonomics of the product, resistance to loads and unfavorable weather conditions such as rain, wind and snow enables taking advantage of a swimming pool even in the winter season when segments are closed.

This sophisticated structure was nominated for Gold Medal at Poznań International Fairs BUDMA 2008.



Technical parameters of the pool roofing - ALUNA® Delta model

roof width: from 4.00 m to 7.75 m
length of the roof: from 6.54 m to 17.25 m
roof height: from 2.30 m to 3.20 m


ALUNA® is a leading and recognized European manufacturer of pool roofing.

ALUNA® pool roofs are chosen by people who value quality, design, comfort and safety for many years of use.
10-year manufacturer's warranty.

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