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Create your own garden around your house. For hot and cool weather. Open, comfortable space.





Our ALUNA® Aluwall III is a telescopic, sliding system veranda that will appeal to those of you who are dreaming of a free-standing function room that offers the opportunity to change shape several times a year. The main premise of this project was to create an additional interior space, open to the garden.

With ALUNA® Aluwall III, you gain more usable space, such as a dining room with garden view or a place to relax with family and friends, and in the autumn/winter time a place to meet or store garden furniture. This exceptionally stable, slim mobile terrace construction is made from the highest quality aluminum frame, filled with glass or polycarbonate solid plate, according to customer’s choice.

Modern style combined with the functionality typical of aluminum construction will surely delight those who would like to create their own home atelier, autumn or winter garden. Practical, vertical walls provide a large usable space and protect from the wind, and the roof segments provide proper drainage of rain or snow. ALUNA® Aluwall III perfectly adheres to the wall of the building, providing additional insulation, which guarantees less loss of heat for your home. It perfectly blends with the architecture of the house, regardless of the style. This is the only model of the few verandas on the market with telescopic line slides. What makes it different among the other telescopic roofs is that all walls are perpendicular to the base. 


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