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One of the most modern designs in model of high pool roofs in ALUNA®.




ALUNA® Aluwall II roof, by its structure, is similar to typical winter gardens. Coupled directly with a building wall by means of a guide makes a house and a garden a harmonious entirety. Since segments can be drawn, during a sunny day one can take full advantage of the sun and in turn, when the weather is unfavorable, one can find shelter protecting from rain and wind. It is a perfect solution at large hotel objects, restaurants or SPA forming modern patios and winter gardens. Side walls of ALUNA® Aluwall II roof are nearly vertical and this enables maximal use of the space under the roof.

To design the roof there was applied a new technology of bent solid polycarbonate which makes the structure look light and more modern.

Since the roof is erected directly close to the a building, it also plays a role of insulator reducing house heat loss.



Technical parameters of the pool roofing - ALUNA® Aluwall II model

roof width: from 3.00 m to 7.25 m
length of the roof: from 6.54 m to 17.25 m
roof height: from 2.40 m to 3.93 m



ALUNA® is a leading and recognized European producer of pool roofing.

ALUNA® pool roofs are chosen by people who value quality, design, comfort and safety for many years of use.
10-year manufacturer's warranty.

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