We are pleased to announce that ALUNA® Admiral, one of the most popular products from the ALUNA® collection of high pool roofs, has passed through the design and technological update and modification to the latest trends on the market. Now the roof has an even flater roof and almost vertical side walls. It has also been modified in terms of available height variants and structural reinforcements according to the Safety and Strength Certificate of AFNOR C.E.I.P. NORME NF P90-309 + A1.

The ALUNA® Admiral roof has been created with the aim of achieving the largest possible usable space. Thanks to the high side walls, which are almost vertical, this model gives a lot of opportunities to develop the beach, it is spacious and you can move under it without any obstacles on all four sides. The high roofing design gives great opportunities for the user and is a very interesting solution for people who want to arrange a comfortable beach and space above the entire pool. During cooler days, it will create the perfect place to relax and play on the edge of the pool, giving despite the closed segments a lot of freedom and comfort.

The ALUNA® Admiral model is perfect for large, wide hotel facilities, SPA as well as restaurants and individual facilities.


ALUNA® Admiral - 2018 edition


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