ALUNA® Prestige is the lowest roofing in the ALUNA® offer in the Professional collection with a 10-year warranty. Looking at its technical specifications and design, you can immediately see that it is a top-shelf product. It intrigues with modern shape and technological solutions. The construction of the roof is designed and made on the ALUNA® AIR Construction profile, thanks to which it is extremely low and despite the simple shapes and vertical side parts it is extremely durable and rigid. The delicate arch in the upper part of the structure perfectly drains water.

This model is entirely made of solid 3mm transparent plate or in option in 4mm solid polycarbonate with a UV filter. ALUNA® Prestige creates a very stylish and modern complement to the garden. The minimalist design of this canopy will work in those locations where a modern look of the roof and a simple shape in the shape of a technologically robust construction are being sought for. Due to its very low altitude, it is not possible to swim in the pool with closed segments, therefore this covering does not have a door.

ALUNA® Prestige is an ideal solution for people looking for the lowest possible roof that discretely fits into the garden surroundings. It not only protects the pool perfectly, but also adds a modern and elegant look to the whole environment. This is an ideal proposition for those who prefer minimalism, technology and unforced elegance.

All ALUNA® roofings in the standard at no extra cost have the option of closing the canopy, which makes them even safer compared to the competition.

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