ALUNA® accessories are carefully selected components in a uniform design style. Each stage of designing automatic movement of roof segments and then the production process takes place under the eye of a designer who individually conducts each roofing and automation project and offers a specific solution to the problems that we have to solve on the location.

For those of you who dream of a fully automatic version of the roof, ALUNA® has a ready-made solution.


The basic set of ALUNA® roof automation includes:

- reinforcement between segments

- system of guiding roof segments

- 2 engines

- 2 remotes

- power supply

- solar panel


* It is possible to order motors with an additional power module XL System.



1. Talk to the consultant

Custom-made solution

2. Design support

Custom order parameters.

3. Transport by ALUNA®

Certified transport.
Delivery to the installation site.

4. Certified assembly

Certified assembly by ALUNA® employees, through cleaning.