ALUNA® UFO has a design and technological upgrade. At first glance, the new design has not changed much, but the devil is in the details. The new edition of the ALUNA® UFO cover is primarily a change in the technology of making the dome itself and the lower guide rail. It is also the new dimensions of the roof.

ALUNA® UFO consists of two segments, one fixed and one movable - sliding. Thanks to this solution, we have been able to open the roof to 180 °. The fixed segment has been reinforced with ALUNA® XXL Construction profiles, which increases the safety and stability of the roof.

The new bottom guide in the ALUNA® UFO has now gained a very high tightness, takes up less space and is more discreet, making the less visible it creates with a roof and running system a unified, compact structure.

The fixed dome is larger and has gained a new upper guidance system, which prevents the moving part of the roof from being pulled out while moving, and also the upper guidance system in ALUNA® UFO strengthens the entire structure. The roofing is now more ergonomic due to the new arrangement of the handles and a more convenient moving system for the mobile segment.

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