ALUNA® Carport 3

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ALUNA® is a recognized and valued European producer. ALUNA® products meet the most stringent technological and strength criteria. The proprietary ALUNA® Construction System proprietary aluminum profile system ensures the production of structures with the highest strength and quality parameters.






Our clients are increasingly looking for interesting and unusual design solutions for roofing their cars. ALUNA® Carport is a group of 3 price and technologically diverse products of various shapes dedicated for people looking for interesting alternative design solutions as a car garage, carport or simply a place where the car will be safe from external factors such as wind, rain, snow or sun . The supporting structure ALUNA® Carport is stainless steel RK 150x150x4, steel grade: 304 - the most expensive elements of the whole structure and the heart of the product. The roof of the aluminum structure is polycarbonate PC LITY 3mm 'colorless' or 'milky - distracting' or aluminum slats also in wood imitation. The whole powder-coated in any color in the paint a slight structure. ALUNA® Carport is packed in convenient boxes (wooden pallet) - ready for self-assembly. If you are looking for a unique product ALUNA® Carport, you will definitely be interested. The ALUNA® Carport product can be expanded from 2 to 20 parking spaces and can be combined in various custom configurations.

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